Health & Safety Consultancy
Health & Safety Consultancy

Frequently asked questions

  • What is health and safety all about?
  • Why are there health and safety laws?
  • Do health and safety laws apply to me?
  • Who administers health and safety law?
  • Do I need to display any posters?
  • Do I have to report injuries at work?
  • Do I need safety advice?
  • Why choose Risk Management Refreshed?
What is health and safety all about?

Preventing people from being harmed by work, by taking the right precautions and being in control of the hazards and risk associated with your business activities. However the modern approach is the belief that failures in health and safety are a loss to the business, ie: a substantial drain on the profits. Therefore health and safety could be seen to be loss control.

Why are there health and safety laws?

Because health and safety at work is so important, there are rules that require all of us not to put others or ourselves in danger. The rules are also there to protect both employees and members of the public from workplace danger.

Do health and safety laws apply to me?

Yes. To all firms, however small. Also to the self-employed and employees. We can guide you through this maze providing you with a no nonsense approach to tackle all the issues.  

Who administers health and safety law?

Inspectors from the Health and Safety Executive, your Local Authority or fire brigade - it depends on what type of activity your company undertakes. You should be aware that the Inspectors have significant powers granted to them. These are just a few:

  • Enter any premises at any reasonable time.
  • Talk to you and your staff (you are required to answer their questions by law).
  • Demand that you make improvements where safety and health is not to required standards within a specified time limit.
  • Stop an activity or process if they believe a serious risk is present.
  • Remove and destroy items they believe are a risk to health or safety.
  • Prosecute where fines can be unlimited and prison sentences of two years are available.
Do I need to display any posters?

If you employ anyone, then yes - you need to display the Health and Safety Law poster at your place of work (available from Risk Management Refreshed Ltd.).

Do I have to report injuries at work?

Yes, together with other incidents such as dangerous occurrences and work related disease.  Not to do so can lead to immediate prosecution and a fine of £5000 and/or a prison sentence.

Do I need safety advice?

Yes! Legislation requires each employer to appoint one or more competent persons to assist in the implementation of health and safety management, section 7, Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999. Gaining access to a competent person can prove difficult and costly, often appointing from within the existing business is difficult and to appoint an additional specialist is simply outside of many company's financial resource.

Why choose Risk Management Refreshed Ltd?

Risk Management Refreshed Ltd provides you with access to a safety specialist around the clock, 365 days a year.  You have access to a qualified safety expert as and when required.  Think what that would cost your organisation!  This is not solely advice over the telephone or via e-mail (which is how many of our competitors work), but a safety specialist on site when required, providing additional support and expertise to deal with specific problems.  

In addition, gaining the services of Risk Management Refreshed entitles your company to designate us as your appointed "competent person" for fulfilling a major requirement of today's legislation.

Can I do it myself?

Yes, but it may prove difficult and time consuming.  With legislation, contractual requirements and court rulings, no single person can know it all, so we have specialists in every field.

Our unique team benefits by having hands-on experience, with backgrounds from both the public sector, construction, manufacturing, facilities, housing, social care and from the third sector. The result is thoroughly practical advice and easy to understand guidance, which relates directly to your situation - you'll get all the support that you need, and none of the bureaucracy that you don't.

Is it expensive?

No! Risk Management Refreshed Ltd sets realistic fees and allows these to be spread over the entire year. We provide individual quotes specific to individual company needs. There are no one-off fees; just simple low cost monthly retainer fees that secure a first class service, 365 days a year.

Remember, accidents cost money - and lots of it! Accidents may lead to prosecution and increasingly often lead to claims for compensation.  

What about the adverse media coverage? Could your business survive?  What will your next insurance premium be? Just think of the recent increases in Employers Liability Insurance. A well run, safety conscious business can actually reduce its premiums.  An unsafe workplace can prove fatal, not only to the worker, but also to the business.

Also, bear in mind that safety doesn't just prevent accidents. Improved safety performance can actually increase production and quality, retain your best staff and reduce waste!  How?  By providing a positive culture between employees and management: everyone likes to feel as though someone cares and that someone is interested in their welfare.  Your employees are the same.  

So, increase safety performance and see your company reap the benefits in every department.


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